Is your screen supporting your meetings?

As technology moves on, the TV in the corner of the meeting room just doesn’t support today’s business needs.

If you want to connect to multiple devices easily, play HD video, see your virtual colleagues clearly, or interact with your screen instead of using a whiteboard, then have you thought about an HD Large Format Display (LFD)?

Whatever your budget or business need there is a wide range of screens and LFDs available.

Why not try a ViewSonic interactive ViewBoard? These 10-point-touch enabled LFDs range from a 55 inch full HD screen right through to an
84 inch screen that uses new 4K Ultra HD technology – that’s an impressive four times more detail, depth, and clarity than HD.

LFDs are designed with businesses in mind. With the ViewSonic ViewBoard range you can:

  • Easily connect your devices through versatile selection of inputs – HDMI, SCART, USB, VGA and DVI which means you can connect a PC or laptop with a more generic PC cable.
  • Write or draw on the display’s surface if you choose an interactive model – ideal for presentations and training
  • Write, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen with pre-installed software – perfect for collaborative meetings. Or upgrade to include a slot in Windows 8 PC for powerful computing capabilities.
  • Play back your presentations and multimedia content or connect to the Internet through onboard 8 GB USB drive and LAN connection – no need for a PC.
  • Enjoy guaranteed jitter-free multi-media and crisp, vibrant, large as life images.

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Put Sennheiser to the test – you won’t be disappointed

If you want all-day comfort, background noise reduction and quality sound, why not try a Sennheiser headset?

Enjoy the freedom to multi-task or confidently move around the office, while concentrating on your all-important conversations.

Now is a great time to buy Sennheiser as you get a free handset lifter or EHS cable with any wireless DW system, or free bottom cable with any wired headset*.

sovereign housing with borderSovereign Housing, one of the largest housing associations in England, is enjoying the benefits of Sennheiser’s DW wireless series across their three contact centres:

The Sennheiser DW wireless headset is a revelation. The headset itself is really comfortable to wear and the sound quality is great. I have worked in situations where lower quality headsets needed constant replacing, draining budgets. But the DW series is very tough and our staff take pride in their headsets. The wireless headsets allow our advisors to multi-task and get up and move around the office which helps relieve stress, particularly if they have been dealing with a challenging caller.” Find out more

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Why whistle at work when you can rock?

Seamlessly switch between work and entertainment with Plantronics’ new Voyager Focus UC headset

We’ve been trialling the new Voyager Focus UC in the office and it’s certainly getting the thumbs up, particularly with the current £25 cashback offer.

Chris, our Commercial Director, likes being able to switch between listening to music and taking calls and is impressed with the intuitive, well positioned call controls, which make it easy to use.

Julie, our MD, likes its messaging features; it sends her a message to say how much talk-time she has left and announces her callers.

The Voyager Focus UC works easily with your PC, mobile phone, tablet, Bluetooth enabled desk phone and smart watch. There is a Microsoft Skype for Business version too.

With up to 45 metres of crystal clear wireless range, up to 12 hours of talk-time and 15 hours of listening time, you can confidently enjoy the freedom to roam with no loss of fidelity.

It’s active and passive noise cancelling and immersive stereo sound enable you to concentrate on your calls or your music without distractions.

Click on the link below to buy your Voyager Focus UC headsets before December 31st and claim £25 cashback per headset when you purchase 3 or more.

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Click here to see the cashback terms and conditions

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Can you have peace of mind with hosted telephony?

Do you rely on your smart phone to run your life but hesitate to use the Cloud for your business?

Increasing numbers of businesses are realising the benefits of going hosted – 84% according to The Cloud Industry Forum’s latest survey.

If you are still sitting on the fence, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind.

Is it secure?
Yes. All the systems are hosted in secure data centres using industry leading technologies.

Will call quality be guaranteed?
Yes. Call quality can be guaranteed when your system is set up correctly. Having the correct and appropriate infrastructure in place is important in guaranteeing your call quality. We can advise you on what is required to ensure that you have the call quality that your business expects.

Will my broadband line be good enough to have a hosted system?
This depends entirely on the performance of your current broadband line. There are a range of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Let us assess your current service and advise on the appropriate infrastructure to robustly support your system.

Which Hosted Telephony System is right for me?
There are a range of systems available.  Let us  look at the best match for you and tailor it to meet your needs. We will guide you through the technology and terminology, putting a solution together that successfully fulfils your current business requirements and is future-proof for the challenges ahead.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of hosted telephony.

What do our customers think of hosted telephony?

The system has had a huge positive impact on customers and staff. Our customers are so impressed with the slick call handling features, such as the use of their personal name when we answer. Staff are happier because using the latest technology has made their jobs easier and they feel we have invested in them.’
Sara, Horizon Digital Sound & Vision

Mileage claims have already fallen and productivity has increased as staff use the conferencing facility in preference to driving to meetings around the country.  Many phone calls that were previously ‘external’ and therefore chargeable are now internal, so phone bills have reduced.’ 
Leigh, Sovereign Housing

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