Public Sector customers save at least 40% on Jabra Headsets and Speakerphones until the end of March

Conversations matter in the public sector. You need cutting edge communications technology that works straight from the box. Jabra delivers this and until the end of March at an amazing price.

Whatever public sector organisation you represent – from government, local councils, education, NHS to emergency services, Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or visit the Jabra Public Sector promotions page on our website and save money.

As a Jabra Gold Partner you can be assured that you will always be speaking with trained staff who can offer you product expertise, competitive pricing and professional service. Speak to us about your requirements, for a quotation, help, advice or for a headset or speakerphone demonstration.

Did you also know that we offer site audits to ensure compliance to EU Noise at Work legislation and security on calls without any DECT density issues? If you would like to benchmark your existing devices against the latest Jabra products, then we can arrange free trials. Call us on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Jabra discounts for Public Sector organisations are a minimum of 40% off MSRP and are available from 1st January – 31st March 2016.

Here are a selection of the best offers. Please contact us for the full list of products on promotion.

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Call us on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Would you put your head in the toilet?

IMG_7915-EditDid you know that telephones and headsets have 500 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? If that fact horrifies you then read on.

To ensure that your telephone headset remains healthy and hygienic, we recommend that you follow these care guidelines.

1)    Try to avoid sharing headsets – it’s unhygienic, particularly in the cold and flu season.

2)    Leatherette or foam ear cushions should be replaced every 6 months, or sooner if clogged with makeup or otherwise soiled, and every time a new person uses the headset.

3)    Microphone covers or voice tubes should be replaced every 6 months and every time a headset changes hands.

4)    Headset plastics, consoles, and equipment should be cleaned on a regular basis using anti-bacterial wipes or non-alcoholic antiseptic solvents, especially when assigning used headsets to new users.

5)    Headsets should be checked regularly and replaced immediately should you find any exposed wires or cables.

6)    When not in use, headsets should be stored in a safe place. This may be a headset bag for a corded unit, or in the cradle on the base station for a wireless unit. Headsets that are designed to ‘travel’ with you typically have a travel pouch. Using this will prolong the life of your headset and minimise the chances of damage.

Looking after your headset will prolong its life and keep you healthy.

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] for advice, headset spares or replacements.  As an accredited headset specialist you can trust us to provide for all your headset needs.

Save up to £40 on headsets with Jabra’s cashback

uk_cashback_300x250Now is the time to upgrade your headset! Take advantage of Jabra’s super cashback offers available on purchases up until March 18th only. Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or visit the Jabra promotions page on our website and save money.

Want the freedom to move and multi-task? The Jabra PRO 920™ series is a reliable and affordable way to enjoy the freedom of going wireless. Its intuitive, easy to use design with noise cancelling and security technology gives you a great call experience.

If you’ve never used a headset and wonder whether they are worth the investment, click here to read how going wireless has transformed working practice for one of our customers.

Noisy office? Using an Evolve series USB headset allows you to concentrate on your conversations with state of the art noise cancelling microphones to eliminate background noise to your caller. The Evolve 20 and 30 provide passive noise cancelling technology to help you tune out noise and tune into work. Their plug and play set-up means that they will work out of the box with all leading systems. They are designed for Unified Communications, with variants optimised for Microsoft Skype for Business.

Wondering which headset is right for you? Browse our page on choosing a headset.

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Call us on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] for more information.