Go wireless for less with Plantronics cashback offers

Now is the time to upgrade your Plantronics headset with great cashback offers on wireless headset systems. Offers available until 24th June.

Keep your hands free, and work smarter and more flexibly throughout your day with Plantronics Wireless DECT headsets.

Whether you have a traditional telephone system, want to connect through your PC, or need multiple device connectivity, Plantronics has the headset for you.

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Savi 700 series – with multi-device connectivity, a newly designed convertible headset, and up to 120 metres of wireless range, you can easily switch and mix audio between desk phone, PC and mobile phones with one intelligent, wireless headset system. Perfect for supporting your Unified Communications needs.

Savi 400 series – PC-based office and remote workers can enjoy excellent audio quality, up to 100 metres of wireless range, simple call management and three wearing styles.

CS500 series – this best-seller for nearly a decade offers high quality desk phone communications with up to 120 metres of wireless range, one touch simple call management and four comfort-tested wearing styles.

Click here to see the terms and conditions of the Plantronics cashback offers.

If you’ve never used a headset and wonder whether they are worth the investment, click here to read how going wireless has transformed working practice for one of our customers.

Wondering which headset is right for you? Browse our page on choosing a headset

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Control your communications and IT purchasing

Would you like to take control of your communications and IT purchasing across your organisation?

If so speak to us
about the cost savings and efficiency benefits of a bespoke web portal; giving you budget control whilst still allowing your staff equipment choice.

How will a web portal benefit you?

  • Simplify your purchasing process
  • Provide equipment standardisation across all your locations
  • Ensure cost-effective pre-agreed pricing
  • Give you budgetary control, and where necessary, a built-in management approval process
  • Deliver consistency and compatibility based on your approved product set
  • Ease the load of your IT helpdesk by ensuring that all users have the corporate standard, compatible equipment that will work
  • Guarantee service delivery quality to your users having chosen a partner that offers reputable branded products on a standard web-platform
  • Be responsive to the changing needs of your business
Call us on 0118 920 9420 to arrange an online demonstration and see how a portal could benefit your business.

Tailored to you

man having a bespoke suit madeAll portals are bespoke. You choose the level of customisation you require based on your budget and requirements.

For example, you can specify the number of user log-ins you need, whether you want the portal to display your corporate branding and colours, or have a unique domain name. You can also choose a management authorisation process to control spending, or a reporting module to track spend and order history. User ‘help’ modules which give your staff quick access to product user guides and training materials are also available.

Call us on 0118 920 9420 to arrange an online demonstration of how your customised portal could work.

Why partner with us?A bespoke web portal demo page

  • You will have a portal that suits your business needs and your budget.
  • You will benefit from our product expertise. We are an industry-accredited supplier with long-standing partnerships across the major brands
  • Your portal will be maintained by us, ensuring that it runs smoothly and is kept up to date. Thus freeing up your staff to get on with their real work.
  • You are guaranteed a cost-effective and efficient supply of equipment.

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] to discover how a web portal can benefit your business.

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For expert advice in choosing the best headsets for your business needs and budget, call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected]You can also take a look at our choosing the right headset page. 

Remember, using the right headset delivers greater staff comfort, increased productivity, better customer service, giving you a better return on your investment.

Is it wise to buy a refurbished headset?

On the face of it, buying a refurbished headset may seem like a sensible way to cut costs. However, in reality, using a refurbished headset will NOT give you the original manufacturer’s guaranteed quality, performance and most importantly safety.

Headset manufacturers do not provide genuine headset spares to third parties. Therefore all refurbished headsets advertised are fixed with ’second hand’ parts. This is why you will be offered ‘trade-ins’ and ‘buy backs’ by some organisations to replenish their spares supply.

These services, whilst they may at first glance appear to have your best interests at heart, actually undermine the quality of the product.

Although companies may offer guarantees on the working order of your refurbished headset, the integrity of the product is compromised and will be disowned by the manufacturer.

This has risks associated. Most importantly, the acoustic protection technology of a refurbished headset can no longer be trusted. As a wearer, your hearing may no longer be protected from sudden and loud noises through your headset. As an employer this leaves you wide open to liability should acoustic incidents occur. Visit our acoustic safety page for more information.

Is using a refurbished headset worth the risk?

For expert advice and safe alternatives to refurbished headsets which suit your budget, call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at info@com-solutions.co.uk

Is it wise to repair your headset?


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Understand the risks of headset repairIs it wise to repair your headset if it’s out of warranty?

Most headsets these days carry a minimum 2-year manufacturers’ warranty. When it comes to ‘out of warranty’ repairs the situation is very clear.  None of the global headset manufacturers provide a repair service, supply headset spares or endorse any third party repair organisation.

Repaired headsets come at a cost

Therefore, using third party repaired headsets represents a clear risk to your business, since neither the performance nor the safety of these products can be guaranteed. Putting the health of your staff at risk and jeopardising the value of your brand reputation could turn out to be a costly mistake. Read Plantronics’ white paper on the High Cost of Repaired Headsets.

Whilst routinely replacing consumable items such as ear cushions or voice tubes is recommended for keeping your headset in good working order, making physical changes to replace damaged headset parts carries a number of risks.

Remember this

  • There are NO genuine headset spares available to third party repairers.  Any repaired headsets will be fixed with ’second hand’ parts. This is why you will be offered ‘trade-ins’ and ‘buy backs’ by some organisations to replenish their spares supply.
  • No third party repair is endorsed by any headset manufacturer.  Therefore you will be unable to obtain a Certificate of Conformity.  This is important as it means that you do not have the peace of mind that the headset has been repaired to the same standard as when it was manufactured.
  • If your staff experience an acoustic incident with a repaired headset, you will be liable.  You will have invalidated the terms of the manufacturers’ warranty.

If your headset is out of warranty and you would like to discuss your options, call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at info@com-solutions.co.uk



Fuss free telephone training with a Buddy Box

headset usersDitch the supervisor cords and enjoy a flexible, no-fuss solution for effective telephone training with a Buddy Box.

The Buddy Box allows two users to share the same call so is perfect for telephone training. With two headset ports and the ability to mute either side, the trainee or trainer can choose to be live at any given time.

The Buddy Box is a compact, cost-effective and versatile solution to training:

  • Buddy Box a tool for telephone trainingCompatible with all headset brands and telephone systems
  • Can be used with both wireless and corded headsets
  • Trainer and trainee can use different brands of headset
  • No need to get tangled up in traditional supervisor cords
  • User selectable mute – mute both users, just one or none
  • Suitable for conference calls

Call us now on 0118 940 9420 or email us at [email protected] for more information on transforming your telephone training with a Buddy Box.

Buddy Box Training

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