Manners  for your online meetings – are you getting it right?

Do you give your Online meetings quality attention?

We’re all taking part in more virtual meetings these days. We all know that an online meeting should observe all the same good manners as a traditional meeting, like introducing the participants, or not talking over people. Here are a few extra considerations for a professional result that are particular to online meetings:

Allow sufficient set-up time

A prompt start to a meeting can easily be derailed if you don’t allow time to make sure that your equipment is set up correctly. Can you connect successfully? Can everyone hear each other clearly? Is your webcam set-up correctly?

Use good quality audio equipment

SoundPro Superior QualityThe ultimate aim is to make your virtual meeting feel as if everyone is sitting around the same table. Poor sound quality or background noise can kill an online meeting. Using a noise-cancelling headset for example will allow you to hear and be heard clearly without bringing the background noise of where you are into your meeting.

A headset will also deliver greater comfort and ergonomic safety if you are spending more than 20 minutes on a call.  Click here for quality audio options for every online meeting scenarioCall us for help or further information on 0118 920 9420. 

Have a clean screen

If you are screen sharing in your meeting, remember that everyone can see what’s open on your desktop.

Close all unnecessary programmes and disable pop-ups or instant messaging to avoid sharing information that you didn’t intend to be seen!

Don’t get distracted

Because you are not ‘face-to-face, it’s tempting to multi-task, particularly if you aren’t using a webcam. It is professional to give an online meeting the same level of attention as a traditional meeting.

Let your colleagues, or your family if you are at home, know that you are not to be interrupted. Use a headset that 'lights up' to show you are on a call.

Have good webcam manners

If you are using a webcam, remember to set it up so that you have direct eye-contact with your fellow meeting participants.

If you are at home, consider whether what is behind you is appropriate for a professional meeting.

Body language and facial expressions are also just as important as they are in a face-to-face meeting.

Use mute

Minimising background noise is a more critical factor in online meetings. Typing, shuffling papers, equipment noise or blowing your nose will all be transmitted down your microphone to other participants.

Keeping your microphone on mute unless you are making a contribution is therefore important. Just remember to un-mute and re-mute as necessary!

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Great value headset now with 3-year warranty

Contact centre grade headset now with a 3-year warranty


Why choose a Soundpro?

Built to last, Soundpro headsets provide an excellent return on investment. With prices from £66.67 for a monaural noise-cancelling headset, a 3-year warranty gives exceptional value for money.

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Used extensively in contact centres in the UK and Australia, Soundpro wideband headsets transmit and receive audio frequencies that standard corded headsets cannot deliver.  With Soundpro, your telephone conversations will sound as clear as a face-to-face conversation.

Crystal-clear conversations

With a wideband audio frequency range that is second to none, Soundpro corded headsets deliver first-class sound quality.

Designed for all-day comfort

Large, super-soft, leatherette ear cushions and an adjustable headband make the Soundpro headset range one of the most comfortable to wear.

Robust design

Soundpro headsets are perfect for contact centre use; the toughest environment for headsets. They are made from high-quality materials which are built to last.

Acoustic safety

Soundpro headsets are optimised for use with Soundshield to give the user complete acoustic safety.

Soundshield now too with a 3-year warranty, is a protective barrier device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its shriek rejection software prevents loud noises ever reaching your ear.

Uniquely, the Soundshield product range also provides sound exposure reporting which allows companies to demonstrate their duty of care to staff, compliance with the European Noise at Work Directive and defend against any medical claims for hearing damage.  It is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance. Speak to us find out more.

If you would like to trial a Soundpro and/or Soundshield, call us on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] now (terms and conditions apply).

If you are concerned about safeguarding your hearing or are interested in:
>  Health & safety compliance for headset users
>  Free noise exposure measurement and assessment
>  Free headset assessment or audit of your current headset inventory.

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Make your conferencing easy

Video Conferencing: They way forward


Do you want your team to be able to easily meet and share information and ideas without technology or location barriers? Do you have the right technology in place to help meetings be more cost-effective and time-effective?

Choose the right technology

Harnessing the power of web, audio and video communications brings substantial cost and time benefits. Cloud meeting services such as Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans or Skype for Business allow you to easily collaborate with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers from any device and from anywhere.

Collaborate easily

>   Share content, screen and video

>   Make notes and changes in real time

>   Conduct webinars and training

>   Hold multi-party audio and video calls

>   Record meetings.

Integrate easily

>  Room, desktop or mobile devices>   Windows and Mac systems

>   UC applications

>   VoIP and phone audio.

Manage easily

>   Fully flexible and scalable

>   No hardware or software to buy or manage.

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Get ahead in your meetings

Create Smarter Meetings

Meetings today are not defined by where you are, but how you’re connected. 

As teams become more dispersed, deciding which meeting service to use is only part of the solution. Complementing it with the right audio tools that make your virtual meetings feel as if you are all in the same room is just as important. Here are a couple of considerations.

Does office noise distract you?

Plantronics  research found that 64% of you are distracted by noise while on a conference call.

Are you holding a handset for long periods?

According to the Health & Safety Executive, if you spend more than 20 minutes on a call you should be hands free.

Speak to us

If these issues affect the comfort and productivity of your meetings, take a look at our most popular range of solutions. There are a wide range of tools available from leading manufacturers to enable better meetings.

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