Are you protecting yourself or your team against Acoustic Shock?

shock waves

Did you know that Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer:
* Recently reported a four-fold increase in the number of claims for workplace noise-induced hearing loss since 2009
* Has paid out £1.2m in compensation since 2012
* Responded to 11,000 claims in 2014 alone.

The rapid growth in the number of call centres and the increased use of headsets in today’s office environment is a major contributing factor.  Never before have there been so many people exposed to ‘noise’ at close quarters.

Hearing damage is caused by long-term noise exposure or the incidence of acoustic shock syndrome. Acoustic shock syndrome occurs when a headset user is exposed to a sudden and unexpected loud noise or high pitched sound, such as interference, misdirected faxes, power supply failures, alarms and sirens or malicious calls. Headsets in themselves do not protect against the random and sudden nature of high pitched noises that cause acoustic shock.

To protect your hearing from such incidents you need a ‘barrier’ device such as the Polaris Soundshield 4G.  The Soundshield 4G is a protective device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset.  Its shriek rejection software rejects any loud or high pitched sounds to ensure that harmful noises never reach your ear, while delivering excellent voice quality and crystal-clear intelligibility.

Polaris Soundshield 4G – peace of mind and protection for the employer and the employee.

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