Are your staff taking you for a ride?

soundshieldAviva, the UK’s largest insurer, has called for a clampdown on spurious industrial deafness claims. Eight in ten claims for industrial deafness fail to demonstrate a link to workplace related hearing loss. Since 2012 legal fees paid to claimant lawyers totalled £5.5m in stark contrast to the £1.2m paid out for genuine claims. If it’s costing them, it’s costing you!

As an employer, help is at hand to protect you against the increasing ‘ambulance chasing’ claim culture.

Polaris Soundshield 4G has an inbuilt reporting system which provides feedback on the noise levels that your staff are being exposed to. The sound data generated by its Soundstat software can be uploaded to your PC on demand. Data is collected every minute so you can easily demonstrate industrial sound compliance and identify any extraordinary noise events.

To easily and effectively demonstrate that you are adhering to the Noise at Work Directive  and providing your staff with the best acoustic safety possible choose Polaris Soundshield 4G.

Polaris Soundshield 4G – peace of mind and protection for the employer and the employee.

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