Enterprise Level Communications for Small Business

DBC The Challenge

Digital Business Communication (DBC) delivers online training to remote teams, developing their communications and virtual team leadership skills.

We recently invited DBC to partner with us to provide training services to one of our clients. Once Jackie, the owner and manager of DBC, realised how we had transformed our client’s business communications, she realised how the same technology could benefit her own business.

As a small business owner Jackie was using her personal Gmail account for email, private mobile for her business calls and a basic version of Skype for her online training.

The Solution

Jackie needed a professional grade communications system that offered the flexibility to work from anywhere and to grow with her business. We recommended a hosted phone system. Its minimal set-up costs and monthly subscription plan meant that she could budget easily and the inclusive call plan was particularly advantageous to her.

Providing an easily recognisable business number was important to DBC. Though DBC is based in York, we sourced a London number for Jackie. This has had the benefit of being better recognised by her international clients. Furthermore, with her laptop and softphone Jackie can now take calls on her London number, at no extra cost, wherever she is in the world.

To complement Jackie’s softphone platform, she opted to use a wireless headset. This has improved the sound quality of her online training sessions and given her new freedom to move around whilst on her calls. The headset offers multi-connectivity, allowing seamless transition between her PC, mobile and tablet.

Having revolutionised her communications, Office 365 was also an obvious choice to improve the day-to-day running of Jackie’s business. Office 365 means that she can now access her Microsoft Office suite of tools but with a powerful new flexibility to connect, create, share and communicate via the internet wherever her business takes her.

The Benefits

The benefits of Office 365 to DBC have been significant, as Jackie says, “it has joined up the dots”.

She can now easily book online training sessions and manage her calendar more effectively. Office 365 gives her better visibility and management of her daily tasks through integrated email and calendars. Collaboration with remote training associates is easier and more effective through Skype for Business.

Jackie is also better able to network and share with other businesses. Having a business email and phone number have opened new doors to further international clients.

These more streamlined and connected ways of working mean that Jackie is no longer just “managing through ignorance”. Her business is now projecting a truly professional image.


Don't take our word for it, here's what Jackie Black, owner of DBC says

Before I discovered CSUK, I was reluctant to upgrade my communications because I thought it would be costly and complicated. In fact, the team at CSUK made the whole process simple. They organised my IT, email and phone communications providing competitively-priced, high quality systems that have made my life much easier. This in turn has improved my professional profile as my clients can see that I am now using enterprise level tools. It was all so simple, just like the Jabra Evolve 65 headset, that I now use with my PC softphone and mobile. The headset was easy to install and gives me greater clarity of sound, as well as mobility so that I can move around more freely when I am training.