Is your phone system holding you back?

If you want all the features and benefits of an advanced telephone system without the expensive price tag, then why not consider a hosted system?

Hosted telephony is a robust and flexible alternative to a traditional phone system.

Whereas a traditional phone system sits in your office, a hosted system is delivered to you as a monthly pay-per-user subscription service via a broadband line.

This means that set-up costs are minimal and whether you have 5 or 5000 staff, it is fully scalable to meet your changing needs.

It gives you the freedom to communicate through a variety of devices whether you are in the office, working from home or on the road. You can make significant savings on call costs and calls between users irrespective of device and location are free.

You also have the peace of mind that as upgrades and new features are introduced, you benefit from them automatically; it’s a truly future-proof solution.

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Take advantage of Plantronics cashback offers

Now is the time to upgrade your Plantronics headset.

Plantronics give you the tools that cancel out the noise, keep your hands free, and let you work smarter and more flexibly throughout your day. Click on your chosen headset to take advantage of Plantronics cashback offers available until the end of June.

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What do the 0800 number changes mean to you?

DiallingIf your customers use a non-geographic number – one beginning 08, 09 or 118 – to contact you, then new Ofcom regulations will affect your business.

From the 1st July you will need to advertise the cost of calling your non-geographic numbers so that your business conforms to the new rules.

In addition, all Freephone numbers (numbers beginning 0800, 116 or 0808) will become free to call from mobiles as well as land lines.

How will the new charges work?

The cost of calling 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers will now be made up of two parts:

An access charge. This goes to the caller’s telephone company, charged as pence per minute.

A service charge. This includes any revenue going to the service provider (that is you, the party being called), as well as revenue to the company that provides the telephone number to you.

What do I need to do?

Understand the service charges linked to your current 084, 087, 09 or 118 telephone numbers.

Review your website and marketing material to ensure that the service charges for any 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers are clearly displayed and communicated to your customers.

Consider other number alternatives. For more information click here.

Speak to us for help and advice.

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Cashback offers on Jabra Headsets

Now is the time to upgrade your Jabra headset!
The Jabra PRO™ series is the simple, reliable and affordable way to go wireless:

  • Simple, intuitive design for fast user adoption
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Easy to deploy and manage

Take advantage of Jabra’s cashback offers available until the end of June. Click here to see the terms and conditions.

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Skype for Business – familiar, only better

If you’ve enjoyed the connectivity that Skype brings you at home, consider the benefits that it could bring to your business.

Microsoft has recently launched Skype for Business. It has the look and feel of the Skype we know and love with the security and call quality that businesses expect; all this in a flexible subscription service.

Connect with anyone – With Skype for Business you can instant message, make audio and video calls, hold online meetings of up to 250 people and share screens and documents. You can connect with any Skype user on any device; not just other Skype for Business subscribers.

Use with Microsoft Office – Because Skype for Business and Microsoft Office work together, you can seamlessly use your Office tools with Skype, e.g. you can share and discuss your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Be secure and in control – All communications are protected by strong authentication and encryption and you can manage your team’s accounts and features.

Take it to the next level

To further enhance your business flexibility, add Office 365 that includes the full Office suite to your Skype for Business subscription plan.

As Office 365 is in the cloud, the familiar Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are available through your web browser. This gives you flexibility to connect, create, share and update in real time anywhere, whatever device you’re on.

With low-cost set-up, automatic upgrades, plenty of on-line storage and full scaleability, Office 365 and Skype for Business are the smart choice.

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Chris Watling Appointed Director

Chris is appointed Director at Communications Solutions UK

We are pleased to announce Chris Watling’s official appointment as a Director of Communications Solutions UK.

Chris joined Communications Solutions UK as a Business Manager in 2010 after completing an economics degree. Since then Chris has been instrumental in developing the business, bringing countless new business opportunities and embracing new technologies to offer our customers.

Over the years his technical ability and product knowledge have allowed him to always provide the right tools for both our customers and Communications Solutions UK. He has also been effectively managing the operational and strategic aspects of the business for some time. The appointment as a Director has therefore been a natural progression for Chris.

Everyone here at Communications Solutions UK would like to thank Chris for his hard work and dedication to the business thus far and we are looking forward to see where Chris takes the business in the future.

Plantronics Annual Conference, Budapest

Chris and Joe Burton at EMEA conference budapest

Chris Watling, catching up on the latest thinking on contextual intelligence and ‘wearable technology’ with Plantronics’ CTO, Joe Burton, at the Plantronics EMEA conference in Budapest last week.

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Are you aware that Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported after July 14th?

time-for-changeWhat does this mean for your business?

Using the 2003 platform after this date may put your business at risk. Why? Because your system will no longer receive software updates or security patches and this will leave you vulnerable to new threats and potentially in danger of non-compliance.

What should you do next?

Why not use this opportunity to take stock and harness the power of the Cloud? Move away from buying costly hardware and software licences and enjoy the benefits of software as a subscription service instead.

Adopting a Cloud based system is cost-effective, flexible and future-proof. The set-up costs are low, there are no extra maintenance costs and all upgrades are automatic and free.

Here at Communications Solutions UK we use Microsoft Office 365 and highly recommend it to our customers.  Here is what one of our customers has to say about the benefits of Office 365:

Office 365, with its ability to share data via the Cloud is transforming how we do things.  As I get my head around it, I can see more potential improvements and Cloud-based data storage is a revelation!”   Les, Horizon Satellites.

If you can see the benefit of accessing your applications, creating, editing and sharing your files on any device anywhere and at any time, then Office 365 is for you.

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 to discuss how we can help you make a smooth transition to the power of the Cloud through Microsoft Office 365.

Enjoy the freedom of hands-free calls

How many of us spend a significant proportion of our working day with the phone jammed under our chins while we type on our keyboards, write notes or use a mouse to find information?

By introducing a headset to take and make calls you immediately reduce the potential of back and neck strain and increase your productivity.

We recently helped one of our customers, a busy HR Consultancy, transform their way of working by introducing headset technology.

Following a visit to our office and observing headsets in action, Reality HR’s Director Sally Ann could immediately see the benefits of being able to multi-task while on the phone. She was also interested to see the freedom that wireless headsets could provide; allowing staff to move around whilst on the phone.

After further consultation, we recommended a combination of wired and wireless headsets to meet Reality HR’s needs.

The positive impact of adopting headset technology is summed up by Sally Ann: “The headsets have definitely increased our productivity.  I am able to capture conversations, take notes in the moment; getting it first time round; I don’t need to waste time after a call typing it up. Also, our staff don’t get neck ache anymore, and it’s great to know we are providing the duty of care that our staff deserve.”

Sally Ann even goes as far as to say that using headsets has “moved us away from the dark ages”. For more information on the solution that transformed Reality HR click here.

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Too much noise?

Did you know that you lose more than 66 percent of youBusinessman Irritated with Loud Coworkerr productivity through accidental noise in the office?

Office workers are continually impacted by noise: noisy colleagues, noisy office equipment, noisy phone calls. Our increasingly open offices, created without acoustic planning, compound this noise problem.

The 16 – 24 year old age group will likely combat this problem by putting on headphones and listening to music. However, headphones don’t keep you connected to your workplace. The smarter solution is to use a headset. Using a headset allows you to continue to be connected – to take and make calls – whilst enjoying your own productive quiet or musical space.

Using a headset with noise-cancelling headphone style ear pieces offers an effective filter for sound. The passive noise cancellation shuts out noise by fitting tightly to your ears; whilst active noise cancellation offers sound waves of their own which cancel out background noise, essentially offering complete silence.

If you are fed up with noise, give us a call and we can help you transform your workspace.

Tune out noise, tune into work and stay connected.

To know more and for a free demonstration or trial call us now on 0118 920 9420.