Fire Alarms sounding at the caller’s end can cause Acoustic Shock

Launched in 1937, the British emergency services are the oldest in the world and they are known for their reliability and professionalism. As an emergency service operator it is vital to hear the person in need of help. However, due to the type of calls taken in Emergency Service Centres there is a greater likelihood of high pitched noises coming through the headset that can damage the hearing of staff.

So it is vital to protect your staff from excessive loud noises such as fire alarms or sirens. Any kind of operational failure or an abandoned 999 call are completely unacceptable. To ensure occupational health, staff needs to be protected from loud sounds or sudden shrieks.

Soundshield, an acoustic safety device, will take out these high frequency noises that damage your hearing. The device has proven to completely eliminate any risk of an acoustic shock occurring and yet maintaining excellent voice clarity.

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