Flexible Working: How does it work?

Flexible working

How does it work?

From April 2014 the flexible working law will change. As it stands carers have the right to request flexible working from their employer but in April everybody will have the right to apply for flexible working for any reason. This will mean big changes in the way people work and the way businesses are run.

Flexible working can work in several different ways:

Job Sharing: 2 people do 1 job, splitting the hours.
Home Working
Part Time
Compressed Hours: Full time hours across fewer days.
Flexitime: Employees choose when to start and finish work, within agreed limits.
Annualised Hours: Employees work a set number of hours over the year, but with flexibility over when they work them.
Staggered hours: Employees have different start and finish times to other workers.
Phased Retirement: Employees choose when to retire and can work part time hours.

To apply for flexible working an employee must make a written application to their employer. Following this a meeting must be held between the employer and employee to discuss the application. Within 14 days of this the employer must notify the employee of their decision. If the application is rejected, the employee may make an appeal is the believe that the decision was made with incomplete of inaccurate information.

Here at Communications Solutions UK we believe that with the right technologies in place employers and employees alike will benefit from flexible working. One of the technologies that will play the biggest role in flexible working is Unified Communications (UC). Next week our resident UC expert will be providing the answer to the most obvious and most illusive questions: What is UC and what will it do for me?

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