Happy 15th Birthday Communications Solutions UK

Julie Watling, founder and Director of Communications Solutions UK, reflects as the Company celebrates 15 years in business.

“I never imagined when I set up my business that 15 years later Communications Solutions UK would be providing leading-edge technology solutions to a broad range of businesses across the UK and Europe.

Communications technology has changed significantly over our years of trading. In 2000, wireless technology had not been invented and telephone headsets were only used by receptionists and call centres. As work practises have changed and using a PC has become an integral part of the working world, our offering has grown and changed considerably.

Today in addition to offering over 250,000 products through our web shop (https://www.com-solutions.co.uk/) , we offer a full range of services from acoustic safety and Unified Communications to hosted telephony solutions and customised company web portals. Our approach has become increasingly holistic, providing a complete business environment where phone and IT requirements are integrated. This integration, commonly known as Unified Communications delivers an effective solution to the communications challenges of juggling the variety of devices and media in today’s office environments.

As flexible and mobile working is becoming increasingly desirable, we are helping our customers create their business ecosystems wherever they are – seamlessly transferring between mobile, home and office. We successfully achieve this using cloud based phone systems integrated with tools such as Microsoft Lync and Office 365.
Though we’ve grown, our core values have not changed. Our commitment is still to be a listening and responsive team whose expertise, professionalism and integrity ensure that our customers’ communications technology needs are successfully met.  I owe a big thank you to my staff who have provided and continue to provide that dedicated support for which we are known.

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