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Video Conferencing: They way forward

Do you want your team to be able to easily meet and share information and ideas without technology or location barriers? Do you have the right technology in place to help meetings be more cost-effective and time-effective?

Choose the right technology

Harnessing the power of web, audio and video communications brings substantial cost and time benefits. Cloud meeting services such as Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans or Skype for Business allow you to easily collaborate with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers from any device and from anywhere.

Collaborate easily

>   Share content, screen and video

>   Make notes and changes in real time

>   Conduct webinars and training

>   Hold multi-party audio and video calls

>   Record meetings.

Integrate easily

>  Room, desktop or mobile devices>   Windows and Mac systems

>   UC applications

>   VoIP and phone audio.

Manage easily

>   Fully flexible and scalable

>   No hardware or software to buy or manage.

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