Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support ended yesterday – don’t get left behind

Past and futureIf you are still using the 2003 platform, you may be putting your business at risk. Why? Because your system will no longer receive software updates or security patches and this will leave you vulnerable to new threats and potentially in danger of non-compliance.

What should you do?

Talk to the experts. Why not use this opportunity to take advantage of our free consultation service to explain how you can move away from buying costly hardware and software to a pay-monthly subscription platform instead.

Adopting a cloud based system is cost-effective, flexible and future-proof. The set-up costs are low, there are no extra maintenance costs and all upgrades are automatic and free.

Here at Communications Solutions UK we use Microsoft Office 365 and highly recommend it to our customers. Here is what one of them has to say about the benefits of Office 365:

The day to day running of the business has been transformed. When we trialled Office 365, our engineers offered to pay for it personally if we had chosen not to have it!  They liked accessing their diaries, emails, and files from anywhere at any time from not only their work laptops, but iPhones and even their home computers too  – this helped with the smooth running of the business and helped them manage their own time and customers more efficiently.” Sara, Horizon Digital TV Sound & Vision. 

Click here to read more about how Office 365 transformed their business.

If you can see the benefit of accessing your applications, creating, editing and sharing your files on any device anywhere and at any time, then Office 365 is for you.

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