Noisy office? Take back your personal space with Soundpro

In early 2014, Communications Solutions UK supported Kingston Carers’ Network by donating Soundpro headsets for their telephony systems, so that their carers can continue with their essential charity work.









“I would like to say thank you for Communications Solution’s kind donation of headsets for use by our team at Kingston Carers Network. Our working conditions are not ideal with everyone sharing a small office; it can be quite challenging when a number of us are on the phone at the same time especially as our conversations can be both complex and of a sensitive nature.  The headsets make life easier, cutting down the need to raise our voices and this makes for a much better environment.

We are currently supporting 1,432 young and adult carers and as a result of our successful outreach project this number is growing weekly.  Whilst we are delighted to be helping more people, our budgets are increasingly stretched so we have very little, if anything, to spend on non-essential items. We are therefore especially grateful for this donation.” – Kate Dudley, CEO, Kingston Carers Network










The donated Soundpro Monaural and Binaural Noise Cancelling Wideband Headsets are ideal for desk based employees in telephone intensive jobs who spend most of their time at their desk and need a comfortable all-day working tool. The Soundpro headset is able to connect with nearly all desk phones and IP wideband hardphones.

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