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Don’t put your staff at risk – protect against acoustic shock

What’s your worst nightmare as a call centre manager? Probably that one of your staff suffers an acoustic shock incident or work induced hearing loss.

Acoustic shock and hearing damage are completely avoidable – but only with the correct technology.

Many headsets which claim to offer protection do not

If you are not sure whether your current set-up is as good as it could be, then why not contact us for a free, no obligation audit of your headset inventory.

As an acoustic safety specialist you can ask us about:

  • Noise exposure measurement and assessment
  • Advice on health & safety compliance for headset users
  • Choosing the right technology for you
  • Guaranteed acoustic safety

Guarantee acoustic safety

The Polaris Soundshield product range guarantees absolute acoustic safety, providing total peace of mind to headset users.

Soundshield 4G is a protective barrier device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its shriek rejection software rejects any loud or high pitched sounds to ensure that harmful noises never reach your ear, while delivering crystal-clear sound and natural-feeling conversations.  It is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance. This is particularly important in critical environments where headset wearers are more vulnerable to acoustic incidents.

Polaris Soundshield 4G also has an inbuilt reporting system which provides feedback on the noise levels that your staff are being exposed to. The sound data generated by its Soundstat software can be uploaded to your PC on demand. Data is collected every minute so you can easily demonstrate industrial sound compliance and identify any extraordinary noise events.

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