Choose a Soundpro headset for superior quality and comfort and get a free cable worth £11

A Soundpro wideband headset transmits and receives audio frequencies that are ‘wider’ than many standard corded headsets. This gives you natural sounding calls which are as clear as face-to-face conversations.  A Soundpro headset is also robust, reliable and comfortable to wear. This is why a number of our emergency services, including Gloucestershire Constabulary, use Soundpro.

The Constabulary specifically chose Soundpro wideband headsets due to their sound quality and their ability to transmit crystal-clear conversations; something which is imperative when dealing with emergency calls.  We also took into consideration their high level of comfort and durability, which are both very important factors for our Control Room agents who may be taking calls for up to eight hours a day.  Our staff have found that the Soundpro wideband headsets provide exceptional performance and easily meet all their expectations.”  PC Jon Wiffen, Gloucestershire Constabulary

It’s a great time to experience the benefits of a Soundpro headset. With an exceptional starting price of £50.41 (excl VAT) you get a free cable worth £11* and a 2 year warranty.

Click on the link below for your headset with free cable*.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Choice of free cable: ST-SP5020, ST-SP5021, PL-01, PL-02

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Is your hearing protected?

Headsets alone cannot guarantee acoustic safety. Soundpro headsets are optimised to work with Soundshield; a protective barrier device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its shriek rejection software prevents loud noises ever reaching your ear.

Uniquely, the Soundshield product range also provides sound exposure reporting which allows companies to demonstrate their duty of care to staff, compliance with the European Noise at Work Directive and defend against any medical claims for hearing damage.  It is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance. Speak to us find out more.

You can also ask us about:

  • Health & safety compliance for headset users
  • Free noise exposure measurement and assessment
  • Free headset assessment or audit of your current headset inventory.

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