Is it wise to buy a refurbished headset?

On the face of it, buying a refurbished headset may seem like a sensible way to cut costs. However, in reality, using a refurbished headset will NOT give you the original manufacturer’s guaranteed quality, performance and most importantly safety.

Headset manufacturers do not provide genuine headset spares to third parties. Therefore all refurbished headsets advertised are fixed with ’second hand’ parts. This is why you will be offered ‘trade-ins’ and ‘buy backs’ by some organisations to replenish their spares supply.

These services, whilst they may at first glance appear to have your best interests at heart, actually undermine the quality of the product.

Although companies may offer guarantees on the working order of your refurbished headset, the integrity of the product is compromised and will be disowned by the manufacturer.

This has risks associated. Most importantly, the acoustic protection technology of a refurbished headset can no longer be trusted. As a wearer, your hearing may no longer be protected from sudden and loud noises through your headset. As an employer this leaves you wide open to liability should acoustic incidents occur. Visit our acoustic safety page for more information.

Is using a refurbished headset worth the risk?

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Is it wise to repair your headset?


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Understand the risks of headset repairIs it wise to repair your headset if it’s out of warranty?

Most headsets these days carry a minimum 2-year manufacturers’ warranty. When it comes to ‘out of warranty’ repairs the situation is very clear.  None of the global headset manufacturers provide a repair service, supply headset spares or endorse any third party repair organisation.

Repaired headsets come at a cost

Therefore, using third party repaired headsets represents a clear risk to your business, since neither the performance nor the safety of these products can be guaranteed. Putting the health of your staff at risk and jeopardising the value of your brand reputation could turn out to be a costly mistake. Read Plantronics’ white paper on the High Cost of Repaired Headsets.

Whilst routinely replacing consumable items such as ear cushions or voice tubes is recommended for keeping your headset in good working order, making physical changes to replace damaged headset parts carries a number of risks.

Remember this

  • There are NO genuine headset spares available to third party repairers.  Any repaired headsets will be fixed with ’second hand’ parts. This is why you will be offered ‘trade-ins’ and ‘buy backs’ by some organisations to replenish their spares supply.
  • No third party repair is endorsed by any headset manufacturer.  Therefore you will be unable to obtain a Certificate of Conformity.  This is important as it means that you do not have the peace of mind that the headset has been repaired to the same standard as when it was manufactured.
  • If your staff experience an acoustic incident with a repaired headset, you will be liable.  You will have invalidated the terms of the manufacturers’ warranty.

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Fire Alarms sounding at the caller’s end can cause Acoustic Shock

Launched in 1937, the British emergency services are the oldest in the world and they are known for their reliability and professionalism. As an emergency service operator it is vital to hear the person in need of help. However, due to the type of calls taken in Emergency Service Centres there is a greater likelihood of high pitched noises coming through the headset that can damage the hearing of staff.

So it is vital to protect your staff from excessive loud noises such as fire alarms or sirens. Any kind of operational failure or an abandoned 999 call are completely unacceptable. To ensure occupational health, staff needs to be protected from loud sounds or sudden shrieks.

Soundshield, an acoustic safety device, will take out these high frequency noises that damage your hearing. The device has proven to completely eliminate any risk of an acoustic shock occurring and yet maintaining excellent voice clarity.

More on Acoustic Shock here: