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Enjoy the freedom to multi-task or confidently move around the office, while concentrating on your all-important conversations.

Now is a great time to buy Sennheiser as you get a free handset lifter or EHS cable with any wireless DW system, or free bottom cable with any wired headset*.

sovereign housing with borderSovereign Housing, one of the largest housing associations in England, is enjoying the benefits of Sennheiser’s DW wireless series across their three contact centres:

The Sennheiser DW wireless headset is a revelation. The headset itself is really comfortable to wear and the sound quality is great. I have worked in situations where lower quality headsets needed constant replacing, draining budgets. But the DW series is very tough and our staff take pride in their headsets. The wireless headsets allow our advisors to multi-task and get up and move around the office which helps relieve stress, particularly if they have been dealing with a challenging caller.” Find out more

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How to report an acoustic incident easily

With an increased focus on acoustic safety and comfort in the workplace, Contact Centre and Workplace Safety Managers need to effectively and consistently monitor the noise levels that their contact centre agents’ are exposed to through their headsets.

The Soundshield 4G runs noise exposure software called Soundstat. This software enables the capture of noise data, its analysis and reporting in a user friendly way.

This benefits long-term hearing health and if an acoustic incident takes place, managers are equipped to investigate the event by easily reviewing the captured noise data.

Soundstat software runs on a PC and is captured by every Soundshield device. The data can easily be converted into graphs that display:
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-date and time
-noise exposure levels
-potential acoustic incidents
-input source
-output more
-individual user information

Growth in Contact Centres has introduced a new term: “Acoustic Shock”

The rapid growth in the early 1990s of the contact centre industry coincided with increased numbers of contact centre employees reporting unusual and worrying symptoms following exposure to an unexpected loud sound, later termed an ‘acoustic shock’.

An Acoustic Shock Incident is caused by a sudden, loud unexpected, high frequency sound via a headset. These include alarms, sirens, fax machine tones or system feedback.

All employees have a right to safety in the workplace, however for headset users this expectation is not always met. Companies who have had medical claims brought against them have had to pay out substantial compensation. Following incidents of this type, their workforce is likely to be demotivated and experience low morale. Individuals find themselves off work for extended periods of time and in many instances experience a great deal of personal suffering.

How can I protect myself and my employees?

The Soundshield 4G is a protective device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its Shriek rejection software rejects any loud or high pitched sounds to ensure that harmful noises never reach your ear.

Furthermore, the Soundshield 4G provides you with HD Wideband sound so you can enjoy calls with excellent voice quality and intelligibility.

It comes with an ergonomic colour touchscreen display so you can easily adjust the volume, microphone levels, tone, display and mute. The PC to desk phone switcher button lets you quickly change your settings to provide you with optimum comfort.

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