Are your headsets up to the job? Book a free audit

If your staff use headsets to communicate with your customers then ensuring that these frontline tools are in full working order and are fit for purpose is vital.

Using headsets which are worn, damaged or old technology will impact your customer experience and your staff comfort and morale.

If you are not sure whether your current set-up is as good as it could be, then why not contact us for a free, no obligation audit of your headset inventory?

As an independent accredited headset specialist you can also ask us about:

  • Noise exposure measurement and assessment
  • How to choose the right headset for you
  • Advice on health & safety compliance for headset users
  • Headset connectivity with multiple devices – mobiles, tablets, PCs
  • Equipment compatibility
  • Migration strategies for the transition to Unified Communications (UC) for phone and headset users.

Watch this short video on how to take care of your headset.

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