Punch above your weight with Enterprise tools


Give your Comms a 'big business' feel with Enterprise tools

Do you recognise any of these business challenges?

  • How can I access my phone and data, whenever and wherever, I am?
  • How can I ensure business continuity in a disaster recovery situation, simply and inexpensively?
  • How can I put systems in place that are always up to date, flexible and will grow with my business as and when I want?
  • How can I budget IT and phone investment and expenditure easily?
  • How can I access Enterprise tools to enhance my image with the Corporates?

If so, then we are here to help. Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us on [email protected] for a free, no obligation consultation on how to best operate your IT and phone systems to suit your business needs. No matter how big or small!

We recently helped DBC, a growing online training business, transform their communications and IT systems.

DBC now enjoy the benefits of professional grade systems that deliver true flexibility and advanced features without the hefty price tag. They can:

  • Access tools and data from anywhere and on any device.
  • Take calls using their UK number anywhere in the world at no extra cost
  • Budget easily with a monthly subscription plan that includes maintenance and updates
  • Enjoy greater freedom through wireless technology

Click here to read the full case study.

Are your communications the best they can be?


Are your Communications the best they can be?

As a small or medium sized business, you can provide the personal connection that larger companies can’t.  So how can you ensure that your communications systems best support these important customer relationships?

>  Use a high quality phone system that is always reliable, responsive and adaptable. Read more

>   Ensure that your team are effective and productive on customer calls – using noise-cancelling wireless headsets ensure clear two-way conversations while allowing your team to be hands-free to multi-task and move around.  Read how wireless technology transformed working practice for Tylney Hall Hotel.

>   Give your team a simple, integrated system where they can easily access applications, data, email and calendars enabling them to always have your most up-to-date information at their fingertips. Read how Cloud services revolutionised business practice for Horizon Satellites.

>   Keep your team connected and mobile by giving them the tools to work seamlessly from anywhere on any device. Read more.

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] for more information.



Business without disruption?

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Business as usual?




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Can your business cope with the unexpected?

Recently we benefitted from business without disruption. Whilst many other companies in our local area endured a day of frustration and interruption, we continued to work normally. Could you say the same?

Complete gridlock radiated out from the M4 after a lorry overturned. This meant that the vast majority of our team could not get in to the office.

No problem! Business carried on seamlessly, customers were completely unaware that the office was empty; phones were answered, orders were processed and we easily kept in touch with each other. Even being able to see each other’s availability – on a call, in a meeting or available.

A hosted system delivers complete freedom

Man using a hosted system to easily work from homeHow? Our hosted phone system and integrated tools allowed us to answer customer calls, access our data, email and shared calendars and instant message each other. This was all done from the comfort of our homes. No wasted hours stuck in stationery traffic or having to take holiday or lose pay.

Are you prepared for any eventuality? How would this scenario have affected your business?

Would you like business without interruption?

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] to discover how your business can benefit from hosted solutions.





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