5 Must Haves for starting University

Mid-September to October is the time when most students start University. Make sure you arrive prepared with these 5 must have gadgets.

1. Laptop – This has to be the biggest must have. Owning your own laptop means you can skip the wait at the library trying to secure a computer to complete your coursework and prepare your PowerPoint presentations. Aim for a light one that you can carry around so you can do your work anywhere around campus. You will need a large screen where you will be able to watch movies and read journal articles for your assignments.

Dell laptops

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2. Dictaphone – If you are prone to day dreaming or had a late night, Dictaphones will record all your lecturers’ wisdom for you. They are digital so you don’t need tapes, just load all the audio files onto your laptop and listen to them later.

Sony Dictaphone

Check out this Sony Dictaphone with a 2GB flash drive: http://tinyurl.com/kcxen6t

3. Digital Camera – University is the best time of your life. So make sure you have a camera to capture all those fun and crazy moments. From freshers’ week to pictures of all the new friends you will make, there will always be photo opportunities.

Sony Digital Camera

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4. Printer – Having your own printer will save you a lot of hassle. Library opening times can vary so save yourself the trip as well as the expensive printing costs by getting your own. Invest in an all-in-one printer as you will find the need to print, scan and copy throughout university.

Canon Multifunction printer

Take a look at this sleek multifunction printer by canon: http://tinyurl.com/kqauqyn

5. USB Stick – This device costs very little but can be a life saver. Make sure you back up all your important files on a USB stick in case your laptop gets lost, stolen or damaged. Having a USB is all handy if you don’t have a printer so you can take it along to the library.

Try out this 8 GB USB Stick which can be added to your key ring: http://tinyurl.com/lf8l43x

USB Stick

Benefits of Wireless Technology

Wireless technology represents the future of computer and internet connectivity.  A wireless network transmits information by radio and microwave signals. Other than the fairly obvious advantage of not having to faff around with cables there are numerous other advantages that wireless technology holds. Lets take a look at 4 wireless devices that can help you be more efficient, productive and connected.

Wireless Headsets:


If you work in an environment where you continuously take and make calls, such as a call centre, then being tied to your desk can be very frustrating. What’s more, it is unhealthy for you. By adopting a wireless headset, you aren’t stuck in the same position all day. You can get up, stretch your legs, move about and this not only gives you a bit of exercise, but it relieves the strain of the day. Wireless headsets increase production and create better time efficiency on each call because you will be able to look up the information you need while still on the call. Thus, a wireless headset will improve your satisfaction, as well as that of customers.

Wireless Acoustic Shock protection:

Soundshield wireless picture

If you are using a wireless headset on a regular basis it is vital that you protect yourself from Acoustic Shock and other possible hearing damage. The Soundshield Wireless is unique in this aspect. Offering you a wireless headset which comes with its previously mentioned benefits, the Soundshield device intelligently analyses sounds before they reach the ear of the headset user and removes any loud and high pitched sounds. This provides you with reassurance and comfort.

Wireless Keyboard and mouse:


Wireless keyboards and mice are a key player in improving office ergonomics. The lack of cables and wires helps you maintain the required distance between the screen and the seating. When the PC is not being used, these devices can easily be removed to supply more space. Furthermore, if you are a flexible worker, wireless keyboards and mice allow you to use them on more than one PC saving you space and money.

Wireless Printer:

When looking into the benefits of a wireless printer the lack of cables plays an important role. While a wired printer has limited placement options as it needs to be sat near a plug, a wireless printer has no such limitations. If office space is scarce then this is particularly attractive. Mobile printing is another great benefit as many wireless printers can be connected with any smartphone or tablet within the network. So if a meeting runs over, the weekly status report can quickly be printed on a different device.