Business without disruption?

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Business as usual?




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Can your business cope with the unexpected?

Recently we benefitted from business without disruption. Whilst many other companies in our local area endured a day of frustration and interruption, we continued to work normally. Could you say the same?

Complete gridlock radiated out from the M4 after a lorry overturned. This meant that the vast majority of our team could not get in to the office.

No problem! Business carried on seamlessly, customers were completely unaware that the office was empty; phones were answered, orders were processed and we easily kept in touch with each other. Even being able to see each other’s availability – on a call, in a meeting or available.

A hosted system delivers complete freedom

Man using a hosted system to easily work from homeHow? Our hosted phone system and integrated tools allowed us to answer customer calls, access our data, email and shared calendars and instant message each other. This was all done from the comfort of our homes. No wasted hours stuck in stationery traffic or having to take holiday or lose pay.

Are you prepared for any eventuality? How would this scenario have affected your business?

Would you like business without interruption?

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] to discover how your business can benefit from hosted solutions.





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Send me more information on hosted solutions

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Are you thinking smart and connected?

Ensuring that all aspects of your business are agile and responsive is particularly important in these uncertain times.

Choosing the right communication and collaboration tools that will maximise effectiveness, productivity and protect your bottom line is not easy.

We can help you:

Bring significant cost savings, increased productivity and greater freedom to your business through cloud services. Find out more

Be agile, with a responsive IT system that can be easily scaled up and down to suit your changing business needs. Find out more

Embrace smarter working, enabling your team to keep connected and work effectively from anywhere and on any device. Find out more

Improve customer service with the appropriate tools and technology to help your clients interact with your business easily and efficiently. Find out more

Have the right IT infrastructure in place to support your business today and tomorrow. Find out more

Fulfil your duty of care to your staff with acoustic safety and ergonomic comfort. Find out more

If you want to make a positive difference to your business communications, then let our specialists provide the connectivity, high-quality voice and collaboration tools that you will need to achieve great results.

You can trust us to provide independent, appropriate advice, expertise in new technologies, efficient friendly service and value for money.

Do call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your next project and to understand how we can add value to your business, we’re always ready to listen!