Are your agents protected against acoustic shock?

Don't put your staff at risk - protect against acoustic shock

What's your worst nightmare as a call centre manager? Probably that one of your staff suffers an acoustic shock incident or work induced hearing loss.

Acoustic shock and hearing damage are completely avoidable - but only with the correct technology.

Many headsets which claim to offer protection do not

If you are not sure whether your current set-up is as good as it could be, then why not contact us for a free, no obligation audit of your headset inventory.

As an acoustic safety specialist you can ask us about:

  • Noise exposure measurement and assessment
  • Advice on health & safety compliance for headset users
  • Choosing the right technology for you
  • Guaranteed acoustic safety

Guarantee acoustic safety

The Polaris Soundshield product range guarantees absolute acoustic safety, providing total peace of mind to headset users.

Soundshield 4G is a protective barrier device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its shriek rejection software rejects any loud or high pitched sounds to ensure that harmful noises never reach your ear, while delivering crystal-clear sound and natural-feeling conversations.  It is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance. This is particularly important in critical environments where headset wearers are more vulnerable to acoustic incidents.

Polaris Soundshield 4G also has an inbuilt reporting system which provides feedback on the noise levels that your staff are being exposed to. The sound data generated by its Soundstat software can be uploaded to your PC on demand. Data is collected every minute so you can easily demonstrate industrial sound compliance and identify any extraordinary noise events.

Call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected] for more information.


Top notch acoustic protection

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“Top notch acoustic protection”




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Polaris Soundshield delivers on safety, quality and performance

“If you are looking for a vast improvement in your wireless experience for either yourself or your call centre employees, then the Polaris Soundshield Wireless headset is sure to deliver what you are looking for” according to the Australian Business Executive Magazine.

In its recent product review, the Soundshield wireless is praised for its “unparalleled acoustic protection and HD wideband sound quality”.  Everyone wants to safeguard their hearing.  This is why acoustic safety is important to us all.

Read the full review on how Soundshield delivers protection, sound quality and performance.

If you would like more information about Soundshield wireless headsets, call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected]





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Choose a Soundpro headset for superior quality and comfort and get a free cable worth £11

A Soundpro wideband headset transmits and receives audio frequencies that are ‘wider’ than many standard corded headsets. This gives you natural sounding calls which are as clear as face-to-face conversations.  A Soundpro headset is also robust, reliable and comfortable to wear. This is why a number of our emergency services, including Gloucestershire Constabulary, use Soundpro.

The Constabulary specifically chose Soundpro wideband headsets due to their sound quality and their ability to transmit crystal-clear conversations; something which is imperative when dealing with emergency calls.  We also took into consideration their high level of comfort and durability, which are both very important factors for our Control Room agents who may be taking calls for up to eight hours a day.  Our staff have found that the Soundpro wideband headsets provide exceptional performance and easily meet all their expectations.”  PC Jon Wiffen, Gloucestershire Constabulary

It’s a great time to experience the benefits of a Soundpro headset. With an exceptional starting price of £50.41 (excl VAT) you get a free cable worth £11* and a 2 year warranty.

Click on the link below for your headset with free cable*.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Choice of free cable: ST-SP5020, ST-SP5021, PL-01, PL-02

If you would like to trial Soundpro, then call us on 0118 920 9420 or email us now (terms and conditions apply).

Is your hearing protected?

Headsets alone cannot guarantee acoustic safety. Soundpro headsets are optimised to work with Soundshield; a protective barrier device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its shriek rejection software prevents loud noises ever reaching your ear.

Uniquely, the Soundshield product range also provides sound exposure reporting which allows companies to demonstrate their duty of care to staff, compliance with the European Noise at Work Directive and defend against any medical claims for hearing damage.  It is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance. Speak to us find out more.

You can also ask us about:

  • Health & safety compliance for headset users
  • Free noise exposure measurement and assessment
  • Free headset assessment or audit of your current headset inventory.

For more information call us now on 0118 920 9420 or email us at [email protected]

How to report an acoustic incident easily

With an increased focus on acoustic safety and comfort in the workplace, Contact Centre and Workplace Safety Managers need to effectively and consistently monitor the noise levels that their contact centre agents’ are exposed to through their headsets.

The Soundshield 4G runs noise exposure software called Soundstat. This software enables the capture of noise data, its analysis and reporting in a user friendly way.

This benefits long-term hearing health and if an acoustic incident takes place, managers are equipped to investigate the event by easily reviewing the captured noise data.

Soundstat software runs on a PC and is captured by every Soundshield device. The data can easily be converted into graphs that display:
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-date and time
-noise exposure levels
-potential acoustic incidents
-input source
-output more
-individual user information

Looking for more from your headset?

The Soundshield 4G is a protective device which sits between your phone or PC and your headset. Its Shriek rejection software rejects any loud or high pitched sounds to ensure that harmful noises never reach your ear.

How can you benefit from Soundshield 4G’s other features?

Soundshield provides the best acoustic protection and comes equipped with a range of other useful benefits.

Ergonomic Colour Touchscreen

Ergonomic Colour Touchscreen

The user friendly ergonomic colour touchscreen lets you easily change your settings to provide you with a simple and intuitive control interface. It shows you the volume control, microphone level, tone, display, mute and the PC to Desk-Phone switcher buttons.

For call quality that is like sitting ‘face-to-face’ with your caller, Soundshield uses HD Wideband to deliver excellent voice quality and intelligibility.

Soundpro Headset

Soundpro Headset

To demonstrate that you are adhering to the Noise at Work Directive and providing you and your staff with the best acoustic safety possible, Soundshield provides Sound Data Analysis. This is achieved through Soundstat software which lets you read and analyse data easily. Data is collected every minute so you can demonstrate compliance and identify any extraordinary noise events.

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Need more information?

Learn more on how to safeguard yourself and your staff from acoustic shock. Call us to arrange a trial or demonstration of Soundshield.

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