Deploying new headsets with a twist

Sennheiser and Communications Solutions UK helped set up 60+ DW office headsets for Sovereign Housing yesterday. Steve Bailey, one of Sennheiser’s product specialists was around all day to present the DW Office wireless DECT headset. Together with Julie Watling from Communications Solutions UK, everyone was taught about the various buttons on the headsets; from volume adjustment, to the mute button, to the multi-function button. After having endless fun with the mute button and Steve’s amusing angry customer impressions, the staff learnt how to use the training and supervisor features.


With numerous headsets to try on everyone agreed on the wearing comfort. Staff was advised not to accidently leave the building wearing it. It has been known to happen!

The DW Office had plenty of time showing off throughout the day; particularly the multi-function button, which showcased the headsets intelligence. Knowing when to change the action of the button according to the situation is quite impressive!

One of the many headphones that were given away!

One of the many headphones that were given away!We had great Sennheiser give aways to make the transition a fun event!

The day included great Sennheiser giveaways and lots of delicious chocolates. Staff was entered into a raffle to win the stylish Sennheiser HD700 headphones or tickets to the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Several sport earphones were also up for grabs.

To learn more about the DW Office headset just copy and paste this link into a new window: