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Is your work a risk to your health?

Did you know that holding a telephone for as little as 2 hours a day can contribute significantly to neck and lower back pain? Cradling the phone between your shoulder and ear when trying to multi-task is even more damaging.

The Work Foundation have found that about 55 per cent of all work-related illnesses are due to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).  This comes at a high cost to both employees and businesses through lost work time each year.

Good ergonomics are an investment in productivity – ensuring that your staff are working comfortably protects your bottom line as well as your workforce.

Using a headset, particularly a wireless one, will dramatically improve your comfort and wellbeing.

How a headset can help

A corded headset enables you to work hands free. This allows you to multi-task and stay relaxed, reducing the risk of any aches or pains and maintaining your circulation.

Even better, a wireless headset enables you to move around your workspace, improving both your circulation and flexibility, whilst allowing regular screen breaks to rest your eyes.

Neck and back ache caused by juggling a phone, mouse and keyboard at the same time can be a thing of the past – enjoy new freedom, comfort and productivity with a headset.

Wondering which headset is right for you? Browse our web page on choosing a headset.

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