Too much noise?

Did you know that you lose more than 66 percent of youBusinessman Irritated with Loud Coworkerr productivity through accidental noise in the office?

Office workers are continually impacted by noise: noisy colleagues, noisy office equipment, noisy phone calls. Our increasingly open offices, created without acoustic planning, compound this noise problem.

The 16 – 24 year old age group will likely combat this problem by putting on headphones and listening to music. However, headphones don’t keep you connected to your workplace. The smarter solution is to use a headset. Using a headset allows you to continue to be connected – to take and make calls – whilst enjoying your own productive quiet or musical space.

Using a headset with noise-cancelling headphone style ear pieces offers an effective filter for sound. The passive noise cancellation shuts out noise by fitting tightly to your ears; whilst active noise cancellation offers sound waves of their own which cancel out background noise, essentially offering complete silence.

If you are fed up with noise, give us a call and we can help you transform your workspace.

Tune out noise, tune into work and stay connected.

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