User Profiling – Desk Based Worker

In our last UC newsletter we talked about how to categorise users. This week we’re going to look in more detail at the Desk-based user profile and the devices that best suit their needs.

The desk based user spends the majority of their day at a fixed work-station and requires headset connectivity with either a deskphone or a PC softphone via USB. Many offices these days tend to be busy and open plan, so assessing the background noise level is a factor in choosing your headset.

Noise cancelling is a must to reduce the amount of noise transmitted to the caller, ensuring calls are kept confidential. If noise levels are particularly high a 2-eared design may be preferable to block out background noise for the headset user.

Another consideration is mobility. If staff need to multi-task and move around the workplace whilst on the phone, a wireless headset can be invaluable.

Below are our recommended headsets for various combinations of the above considerations:

For details on these headsets follow the links below:
Sennheiser SC 60
Plantronics Blackwire C710
Jabra PRO 9450 Duo

If you are considering deploying a Unified Communications solution, call us to arrange a user profiling consultation. This way you make sure your business gets the right device for every user. For more information about user profiling or Unified Communications call our team:
0844 477 1622 or email [email protected]

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