What’s the story behind headset repairs?

Most headsets these days carry a minimum 2-year manufacturers’ warranty.  When it comes to out of warranty repairs the situation is very clear.  No headset manufacturer supplies headset spares or endorses any third party repair organisation.

What you need to know to stay safe:

  • There are NO genuine headset spares available to third party repairers.  Any repaired headsets will be fixed with ’second hand’ parts. This is why you will be offered ‘trade-ins’ and ‘buy backs’ by some organisations to replenish their spares supply.  They re-use them and refurbish headsets with them.
  • No third party repair is endorsed by any headset manufacturer.  Therefore you will be unable to obtain a Certificate of Conformity.  This is important as it means that you do not have the peace of mind that the headset has been repaired to the same standard as when it was manufactured.
  • Were you or your staff to experience an acoustic incident with a repaired headset, you will be liable.  You will have invalidated the manufacturers’ warranty.
  • Currently Jabra is the only company offering a genuine ‘out of warranty’ repair service through their own repair centre.  This service is going to cease on the 1st January 2015.  If you have out of warranty headsets after that date, you will need to replace rather than repair a unit.

There is a quick on-line Jabra warranty checker that you can use to see whether your Jabra headset is in warranty or not. If you have a Plantronics headset, you can read up on what what your warranty covers using Plantronics helpful support guide.

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