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Written by Aimée Granados

February 7, 2023

IT Security for Business

Your managed service provider (MSP) will assess the vulnerabilities in your systems and network, discuss any compliance requirements you might have and your attitude to risk.

They will then offer you the most appropriate security solutions for your business. This could be anything from advanced cyber threat protection from viruses, malware, to training staff on how not to fall prey to phishing emails.

The importance of IT security for businesses and organizations cannot be overstated. Investing in IT security helps protect your business. Data breaches can have an enormous impact on any company in terms of reputational damage, customer mistrust and financial losses.

Why use a Managed Service Provider for you IT Security?

The primary advantage of using an MSP for IT Security is that they have the expertise and access to the latest resources. An MSP will be trained to identify and respond to cyber threats. They will also provide regular security updates, preventative maintenance, and will be proactive in ensuring that your network is secure.

This type of service gives business owners peace of mind that their data and networks are safe and secure. In addition, an MSP, like Communications Solutions UK, offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure that any issue is identified quickly and efficiently.

Key Components of IT security

The best approach to IT security is to think of it as a multi-layered ‘defence’ mechanism. There are some key elements that you should implement as best practice as follows.

  • Enable two-factor authentication as standard to minimise identity fraud.
  • Ensure that your firewall is up to date. Firewalls are key in protecting networks from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. They can also provide network security solutions that analyse network traffic and detect malicious activity.
  • Consider Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). This is a security solution that continuously monitors end-user devices and analyses traffic to detect threats such as malware and ransomware. EDR can also provide email security solutions that protect businesses from phishing and other email-based attacks.
  • If the worst were to happen, make sure that you are taking a regular backup of your data to a secondary location or in the cloud, and have a disaster recovery plan in place.

The best approach to IT security is to think of it as a multi-layered ‘defence’ mechanism.

What to look for in an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider will become your partner, so it is important to choose a provider that has a proven track record, the expertise to manage any issues that may arise and one that is endorsed by their clients. Always check their Customer reviews and case studies to ensure that they can provide the high-quality customer service that you are looking for.

An MSP should also be able to provide

  • Customized security solutions that meet the specific needs of your business, including regular security updates and maintenance;
  • Routine and informative reporting on the status of your devices, systems and network as well as any potential cyber threats;
  • Responsive and proactive system and user support to ensure that any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.


Your Managed Service Provider is an integral part of your team. They should be responsive to your business needs and offer tailored solutions for IT Security, as well as responsive and proactive user support.

If you are looking for further information or advice on how to improve your business IT security, please contact us. Our team of experts can provide tailored advice and solutions to ensure that your business has the security solutions in place that you need.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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