Why your New Year business resolution should be to consider migrating to the cloud

Research by the Cloud Industry Forum indicated that during 2015, over 4 in 5 UK organisations used at least one Cloud service. This year more small and medium businesses are planning to make the transition to the Cloud and for good reason.

Here are five good reasons why you should be considering it too:

Freedom: You can access your phone service, data, software, servers, and emails from anywhere at any time and on any device. All you need is an internet connection. This delivers your business significant flexibility and increased productivity.

Agility: You can easily scale your system up and down to suit your changing business needs. A responsive IT infrastructure allows your business to be agile.

Economy: Your savings will be significant. Cloud computing hugely reduces capital and infrastructure costs. Once set up, you will only pay for what you use on a monthly subscription basis which includes ongoing support and maintenance.  In addition, upgrades are automatic and free so you are futureproof at no extra cost. All this means that your IT costs are predictable and manageable.

Continuity:  Most SMEs don’t have an effective disaster recovery and continuity infrastructure in place. With cloud computing you can have peace of mind that if disruption or disaster strikes then your business continuity will be guaranteed. Your data and applications are safely stored and managed so you don’t have to worry.

Security: Ensuring the security and integrity of your data is a top priority. Your system is hosted in secure data centres using leading edge encryption and authentication technologies to protect your data and applications.

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Can you have peace of mind with hosted telephony?

Do you rely on your smart phone to run your life but hesitate to use the Cloud for your business?

Increasing numbers of businesses are realising the benefits of going hosted – 84% according to The Cloud Industry Forum’s latest survey.

If you are still sitting on the fence, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind.

Is it secure?
Yes. All the systems are hosted in secure data centres using industry leading technologies.

Will call quality be guaranteed?
Yes. Call quality can be guaranteed when your system is set up correctly. Having the correct and appropriate infrastructure in place is important in guaranteeing your call quality. We can advise you on what is required to ensure that you have the call quality that your business expects.

Will my broadband line be good enough to have a hosted system?
This depends entirely on the performance of your current broadband line. There are a range of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Let us assess your current service and advise on the appropriate infrastructure to robustly support your system.

Which Hosted Telephony System is right for me?
There are a range of systems available.  Let us  look at the best match for you and tailor it to meet your needs. We will guide you through the technology and terminology, putting a solution together that successfully fulfils your current business requirements and is future-proof for the challenges ahead.

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What do our customers think of hosted telephony?

The system has had a huge positive impact on customers and staff. Our customers are so impressed with the slick call handling features, such as the use of their personal name when we answer. Staff are happier because using the latest technology has made their jobs easier and they feel we have invested in them.’
Sara, Horizon Digital Sound & Vision

Mileage claims have already fallen and productivity has increased as staff use the conferencing facility in preference to driving to meetings around the country.  Many phone calls that were previously ‘external’ and therefore chargeable are now internal, so phone bills have reduced.’ 
Leigh, Sovereign Housing

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